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All about Darya-i-Noor diamond , largest pink diamond on record !!

The famous Darya-i-Nur or ( Sea of light) is the largest pink diamond on record,

with a reported weight of ca. 186 ct (or 175-195 ct, depending on the source).

This masterpiece that originally mined in India cannot just be valued in terms of carat, cut, clarity and color ,

It’s has been handed among royal families from Shah to Shah and shinned on different crowns.

This gem, currently on the National Jewellery Treasure of Iran at the Central Bank of Tehran.

Kooh-i-Nur ,

This famous diamond along with its mate, the Kooh-i-Nur, or Mountain of Light, perhaps due to similarity of names, has always come together in history, although there is no similarity in cut or color between these two diamonds. Both of these stones were in the possession of Nadir Shah.

The Great Table

is said Darya I noor to have been cut in the 1700s from the Great Table, a supposedly 242 ct table-cut pink diamond .

of Indian origin mentioned in Jean Baptiste Tavernier’s Travels in India published in 1676.

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