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How to Measure Your Necklace Size?

Necklaces are timeless accessories that elevate any outfit, but measuring the necklace size can be confusing. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking to gift someone special, knowing how to measure the necklace size accurately is crucial.

Not only does the length of the necklace contribute to its aesthetic and how it complements your outfit, but it also ensures comfort and a proper fit.

Understanding Necklace Lengths

Before you start to measure necklace size, it's essential to understand the various necklace lengths available.

Some common necklace lengths are:


Typically, 14 to 16 inches chokers sit snugly around the neck and are perfect for showcasing delicate pendants or charms.


It ranges from 16 to 18 inches. Princess-length necklaces are versatile and sit just below the collarbone, making them suitable for most necklines.


Matinee necklaces measure between 20 to 24 inches and fall at the center of the bust, making them ideal for both casual and formal wear.


Opera necklaces are longer, usually between 28 to 36 inches. You can wear them as a single strand or double up for a layered look.


The longest necklace length, ropes measure over 36 inches and offer endless styling possibilities, including knotting and layering.

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measure necklace size

How to Measure Your Necklace Size?

Now that you're familiar with the different necklace lengths let's explore how to measure necklace size accurately:

Use a Flexible Measuring Tape

  • Start by placing a flexible measuring tape around your neck, just above the collarbone.

  • Ensure the tape sits comfortably and doesn't pull too tight or hang too loose.

  • Focus on the measurement unit (inches or centimeters).

Use a Necklace Length Calculator

  • If unsure about the ideal necklace length, consider using an online necklace length calculator.

  • These calculators typically ask for your neck measurement and provide recommendations about measuring necklace size based on your preferences and body type.

Check the Necklace Size Chart

  • Refer to a necklace size chart to compare your neck measurement with standard necklace lengths.

  • This can give you a better idea of which length to choose based on your desired style and neckline.


necklace size chart
necklace size chart

Factors You Should Consider for the Length of a Necklace

Choosing the right necklace length goes beyond measuring your neck. There are several important factors when you measure necklace size.

Personal Style

Your style is the most significant factor in determining the length of your necklace or measuring ring size.

Think about how the necklace complements your aesthetic and reflects your unique personality.


The neckline of your outfit influences the necklace length when you want to measure necklace size.

Different necklines pair better with specific necklace lengths to create a balanced and harmonious look. For example:

  • V-necklines: Pair well with shorter necklaces such as chokers or princess-length necklaces, accentuating the neckline without competing.

  • Crew necklines: These allow versatility, as they accommodate various necklace lengths. Layer different lengths for added dimension.

  • Strapless or sweetheart necklines: Long necklaces or statement pieces work well to fill the space and draw attention to the neckline.

Body Type

Your body type impacts your ideal necklace length! Consider the following guidelines:

  • Petite frame: Opt for shorter necklace lengths to avoid overwhelming your proportions. Chokers and princess-length necklaces are particularly flattering.

  • Tall or plus-size: Longer necklace lengths, such as matinee or opera, can create a striking visual effect and complement your height.


The occasion for which you're wearing the necklace should also be considered. You may opt for elegant, longer necklaces for formal events.

On the other hand, casual outings may call for simpler, shorter necklaces that offer comfort and ease of wear.


Layering necklaces is a stylish and popular trend that allows creative expression and customization.

When layering multiple chains, consider varying the lengths to create visual interest and prevent tangling.

Pendant Size and Weight

If you plan to wear a pendant with your chain, the size and weight of the pendant are important.

Heavier pendants may require shorter necklace lengths to prevent them from sliding or causing discomfort.

Comfort and Practicality

Above all, prioritize comfort and practicality when choosing a necklace length. Ensure the necklace sits comfortably on your neck or chest without feeling too tight or restrictive.

Consider any activities or movements you'll be engaging in while wearing the necklace to ensure it remains secure and hassle-free.

This article introduced you to practical ways to measure necklace size. Yet, note that your preference plays a big role in deciding the perfect length for your necklace. So make sure to consider your own taste and style when choosing the length that suits you best.

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