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  • Made of 18k gold
  • Stones available in Cubic zirconia or Natural diamonds
  • Approximate starting weight: 18 grams 


Color Options:

White gold: White ring, Yellow symbols

Yellow Gold: Yellow ring, White Symbols

All White 

All Yellow

Characteristics of Ashour Ring:
The Ashour Ring is a masterpiece of jewelry design, a stunning fusion of art and elegance. We considered the skill and passion of Assyrian culture in the Ashour Ring.

You will be fascinated by the intricate engravings that adorn this piece, each one telling a story of luxury and sophistication.


The Concept of Ashour Ring:

The ring features a striking design of wings surrounding a central figure, evoking a sense of grandeur and dignity.

As you wear Assyrian jewelry, you will feel transported to a world where art and history meet, where you are the protagonist of a glorious Assyrian tale.


Style and Outfit:
The Ashour ring is a statement of your classy taste and discerning style. Its opulent design enhances your presence with grace and charisma.

Whether you are attending a formal event or a casual gathering, this ring will spotlight your outfit with a touch of glamour and charm.

Also, this ring perfectly combines with an Assyrian cross necklace and improves your style.


Purchasing Ashour Ring from Farhadian Gold:

When you purchase the Ashour ring, you invest in a legacy of artistry and excellence.
Don’t miss this opportunity to own this luxury product from Farhadian Gold, a magnificent piece of jewelry that showcases your elegant style.


Ashour Ring