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Ashour Ring

Ashour Ring

SKU: 364215376135191

Material available in 18k and 22k gold

stones available in Cubic zirconia or Natural diamonds

approximate starting weight : 18 grams 


color options:

White gold : White ring , Yellow symbols

Yellow Gold: Yellow ring , White Symbols

All White 

All Yellow

  • Product Information

    This ring is made of various small pieces. Each one is casted separately, polished carefully and assembled in the hands of masters with special care for perfection.

    Each ring has a different weight based on the size, therefore, when the ring size goes up so does the weight. Rings up to size "8.5" are calculated as a flat rate but after "8.5" each ring size price goes up by $60 plus the rate of the ring.


    there is the  Historic symbol of  god of Ashour at the middle of the ring , and it was decorated with a beautiful assyrian flag on one side of the ring, and the Yahoova symbol ( name of god ) at other side.

    There are four pieces of stones at four corners of the ring which can be orderd as cubic zirconia ( synthetic diamonds) or natural diamonds.


    In the ancient Near East, Ashurwas originally the main god of the city of Ashur, the capital of Assyria. As Assyria emerged as a great empire, Ashur became the national god of all of Assyria. The Assyrianssaw him primarily as a warriorgod and believed that he supported them against their enemies.

    By about 1300 B.C., Ashur was identified with the supreme Sumeriangod Enlil, probably in an effort to portray him as king of the gods. UnderAssyria's king Sargon, Ashur became the father of Anu, the Babylonian * god of the sky and the main creative force in the universe.

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