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Lamassu Keep

Lamassu Keep

Lamassu bracelet with very detailed Lamassu symbol in a modern frame design tied on a harndcrafted genuine leather wristband this beautiful bracelet is available in 18k gold and in two colors of white gold and yellow gold and gold's approximate weight is about 4.5 grams.


The Lamassu were human headed winged bulls, sometimes with the paws of a lion, which were considered guardian figures to the king.



The Lamassu figures are a very interesting example of Neo-Assyrian Art.  For several hundred years (934-609 BC) Assyria was the most important and influential empire in the Mesopotamian region.
 The kings at this time used art as a way to make certain everyone knew of their importance


    Farhadian Gold shippings usually are getting done by US post office priority and insured service.

    Mostly shippings are delivered in 4 to 6 business days.


    shipping track information will be emailed or texted to you after your order shipped.

    we add signitured delivery service for any shippings higher than $500,

    please make sure that there is someone to signe and get the shippment at delivery day.

    The product will be shipped with a special gift package.

    In this content there will be additional information about contact addresses,and receipt.
    The Product is insured within the time of shipping.

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Farhadian Gold

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