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Lamassu Ring new

Made of 18K or 22K Solid gold

approximate weight : 14 grams


Gold colors options:

Yellow-White : the ring itself is Yellow , lamassu and both sides of the ring are white

White -Yellow : the ring itself is White , lamassu and both sides of the ring are Yellow

All White : everything is White

All Yellow : everything is Yellow

  • Product Information

    Lamassu Ring new eddition 

    Farhadian Gold carries two type of Lamassu rings , 

    There is "Lamassu ring Classic" and this is the "Lamassu ring new" which launched in 2016.

    Lamassu rings are one of the most popular products that Farhadian Gold designed , available gold grade for this rings are 18k or 22k based on your choice. and approximate wight is 14 grams.

  • LAMASSU History

    The Lamassu or wingedBull were human headed winged bulls, sometimes with the paws of a lion, which were considered guardian figures to the king.
    The Lamassu figures are a very interesting example of Neo-Assyrian Art.  For several hundred years (934-609 BC) .

    the Winged bull was also used in ancient Persia's Empire in Takhtejamshid.

    The kings at this time used art as a way to make certain everyone knew of their importance

  • Shipping info

    Farhadian Gold shippings usually are getting done by US post office priority and insured service.

    Mostly shippings are delivered in 4 to 6 business days.

    All the shipping to entire states are free , and there is $70 USD charge for international shippings.


    shipping track information will be emailed or texted to you after your order shipped.

    we add signiture confirmation delivery service for all shippings higher than $500,

    please make sure that there is someone to sign and recieve the shippment at delivery day.

    The product will be shipped with a special gift package.

    In this content there will be additional information about contact addresses,and receipt.
    The Product is insured within the time of shipping.

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