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Unfolded Tale of Farhadian's 70-Year Journey

 Farhadian is one of the few brands that produce jewelry with a historical concept and is the first Iranian brand that narrates the history of Mesopotamia and Iran with its artistic style. Farhadian is establishing its position as a reliable and original brand after the adventurous journey of immigrating from Iran to America. The historical concept and skill of Farhadian craftsmen have provided very impressive products that have caused the growing number of customers of this brand from all over the world.

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Inception and Splendor of the Farhadian Journey

1955, Iran, Urmia

Mardik Farhadian was the first person in the Farhadian family to enter the gold and jewelry industry. He was fascinated by the art of jewelry making and started learning this profession from a skilled jeweler at the age of 17. Mardik soon grew in the path he chose and in his early 20s he opened his shop in Urmia, a beautiful city in the northwest of Iran where different tribes and religions lived peacefully. With his persistence and the skill he acquired, he soon became the exclusive jeweler of the Christian community in Urmia. Today, there are more than five hundred jewelry stores in Urmia, but Mardik store is still the first and most famous jewelry store in the historical concept that was established in Urmia. Interestingly, today people aged around 60 to 70 years tell about the memories of buying their wedding jewelry from Farhadian.

Mardik, who has now become one of the most famous jewelers in the city, got married at the age of 35. He and his wife had three sons. Every day, he used to tell the boys interesting stories about his jewelry store and business. These memories, along with the educational methods of the mother, who was a school teacher, led to the growth of the children in a way where two of them eventually followed their father's path.

Armen, the eldest son of Mardik, as the first jeweler of the second generation of Farhadians, after learning his father’s career, was ready to enter the business. After his marriage, Armen went to Tehran for business development. He continued the family business by opening a jewelry design and production office in Tehran - the capital of Iran. During this period, the gold and jewelry industry faced a huge transformation. Until then, each store had a limited number of hand-made molds and did the casting and manufacturing in its own collection, but gradually manufacturers and large factories entered the supply chain. They gradually separated design and manufacturing lines from retail. Armen entered the field of major production and Mardik continued to sell jewelry in Urmia. The professional relationship between Armen and his father not only did not disappear, but also deepened the growth of Farhadian's store in Urmia. Arin, the youngest son of Mardik, who accompanied his father in the Urmia jewelry store from a young age, was gaining experience from his father in the field of retail sales and from his older brother - Armen - in the field of jewelry design and wholesale production.

Embarking on a Family Legacy

1970, Next Generation

Farhadian Gold founder picture


Farhadian Gold founder picture


Farhadian Gold founder picture


Farhadian Gold founder picture


Transferring Essence to Next Generation

2007, The Birth of a Brand

In 2007, the father had to take a break from work due to open heart surgery. This was when 21-year-old Arin was studying computer science at university. This sudden incident made Arin take charge of the jewelry store alongside studying at the university. He was with his father in the store since he was a child and had learned many tips from him, but during the six months of his father's recovery, he had to run the business alone. This sudden event was perhaps a turning point in his life and also the history of Farhadian. Young Arin was full of new ideas. He, who witnessed the events of retail sales in his father's store since he was a child, and on the other hand was involved in the production process from Armen, was now ready to create a transformation in the Farhadian brand with his creative ideas. With Mardik's return to the store, Arin seriously entered the field of jewelry as the third member of the Farhadian family.

Father's experiences, along with Arin's up-to-date knowledge, led to the promotion of Farhadian's brand to a higher level, despite the challenges of two different generations. Armen's activities in the field of production in Tehran and sales in Urmia were well coordinated by his father and Arin, and the Farhadian brand was growing. Farhadian Gold had gained a good reputation in Urmia as a store that exclusively made jewelry for Christians, and the brand was having a good time.

On a cold winter day, an elderly Assyrian lady who was one of Farhadian's old customers brought a piece for sale. An heirloom necklace pulled out of a cloth. Young Arin found the missing link of his mind after seeing this fragmentary piece. The design of the necklace was a Lamasu - Assyrian winged cow. Arin quickly bought the piece and talked to Armen about making a mold of this piece at the first opportunity. Farhadian, who until this day had limitedly offered jewelry using the form of the Assyrian flag to the Assyrian community in Urmia, and had managed to attract the attention of the Assyrians of Urmia, with this new idea, it was as if he was sprouting.

This era coincided with the emergence of the new technology of 3D printing. This was the first time that 3D printing was produced from Farhadian's design. After some time, the design was ready and instead of a pendant, a ring with a Lamaso design was produced. Arin was sure that this piece would be well received. He was right.

At that time, social networks were not yet known as a tool for introducing business. By preparing a rendering of the Lamaso ring design and publishing it on Facebook, Arin introduced this ring as Farhadian's exclusive design. In the advertising campaign, he announced that this ring will be produced in a limited number of 50 pieces with consecutive serial numbers and customers' names.


After publishing this post on Facebook, Arin faced a new world. In a short time, he received consecutive calls from Europe, America, Australia and different parts of the Middle East, and in the shortest possible time, all 50 rings were sold.

The reception of this design put the Farhadian brand on a new path, and the path that was always imagined in Arin's mind was realized with Lamaso. He had come to the conclusion that Farhadian should be a leader in the field of jewelry design with the concept of Middle East and Iranian history, and he continued his activities with this vision. Farhadian progressed very quickly in his path and achieved remarkable success.

Lamassu's Genesis Innovation

2014, Sprouting the Brand

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2015 Migration 01 (2)-min
2015 Migration 02 (2)-min
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An Adventurous Chapter as a Migrant

2015, Migration

The family business was progressing rapidly in various fields of design, production and sale. Mardik and his two sons had interacted well and things were moving forward well coordinated. But in 2015, Farhadian faced a big change. Arin decided to immigrate to America. With his migration, who was now one of the main members of Farhadian, this brand faced a big void. On the other hand, Arin was struggling with the ups and downs of an immigrant in America.

As one of the owners of the Farhadian brand, which was well-known in his hometown, Urmia, and had many customers, Arin had to start as an apprentice in jewelry stores. From being employed as a jewelry polisher to selling, he experienced various jobs in the field of jewelry. He looked at this period as an opportunity to strengthen his skills until the appointed time came to establish the Farhadian brand in America, and he always continued his efforts with this goal in mind. He met the love of his life, Sevannah, while working as a salesperson in the jewelry department of Macy's.

He and Savannah traveled to different states and cities in America to visit gold and jewelry exhibitions. They were able to find new customers for Farhadian's products and gradually started holding exhibitions in different American cities. With the help and support of Sevannah, who was now a member of the Farhadian brand, Arin managed to communicate with other businesses as well as celebrities.

The new branch of Farhadian in America got a new life and Arin's dreams for this brand came true. The path that started in Iran and with the efforts of the father had now sprouted in America with the support and efforts of this family. Gradually, more people got to know Farhadian, and the quality of the jewelry produced along with their historical story became better known.

The good days of Farhadian were reviving in Arin's eyes. Once again his courage had paid off.

While the Farhadian Gold brand was moving forward. Arin was waiting for an opportunity to progress and grow like what happened to Lamaso. He continued his unceasing efforts with the dream of Farhadian's significant progress. The moment he was waiting for came. In 2019, Farhadian was able to start a successful and bold collaboration with one of the most luxurious cigarette brands in the world. After achieving success in several jewelry projects with El Septimo, Farhadian undertook the design and manufacture of the world's most expensive lighters for this brand. These 3 lighters were unveiled at the Las Vegas Tobacco Show in 2021, and each had a price of about 5.5 million dollars. These special lighters caused such a stir that the prestigious Robb Report magazine published an article about them.

This successful collaboration continued and in 2023, Farhadian unveiled its ultra-luxury ashtrays in this exhibition and established its position as a partner of the luxury brand El Septimo.

Joint projects with El Septimo continue and in the coming years we will see special pieces from Farhadian and El Septimo.

The Pioneering Collaboration

2019, Reaching the peaks of honor

Leonine Achaemenid 1 2.jpg

The Journey Continues

2024, Towards objective and vision

The brand, relying on the family support and resources and accompanying the consulting team, is enthusiastically on the way to achieving the objectives that the Farhadian family envisioned. Entering 2024, Farhadian is impatiently waiting for the unveiling of its new collection. The brand with the slogan "Tale Teller Treasure" is trying to create a very strong global position as a jewelry brand that tells historical stories and becomes one of the leading brands in this field.

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