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Armenian Gold Jewelry

Magnificence of the Armenians

Armenian jewelry reflects the Armenian people's rich and diverse history, culture, and art. Various civilizations and traditions have influenced Armenian gold jewelry. Each of these cultures left its mark on these categories of pieces of jewelry, creating a unique and exquisite style that many admire and cherish.

We introduce the Farhadian Gold Armenian jewelry collection which is a stunning and authentic selection of jewelries you can purchase online.  We used 18k gold to craft this collection's pieces.

Whether you are looking for a gold Armenian cross, bracelet, name necklace, or any other piece, you will find it at Farhadian Gold, the best place to buy Armenian jewelry in the US.

Symbolism and Legacy of Armenian Gold Jewelry 

Armenian gold jewelry is a fashion statement expressing your identity, personality, and beliefs. Armenian gold jewelry often features symbols and motifs with deep meanings and significance for the Armenian people. Some of the most common and popular symbols are:

  • Armenian Cross

  • Khachkar

  • Eternity Sign

Each piece of this jewelry, from pendants to gold bracelets, tells a story, a legend, or a message connecting you to culture and history.


Farhadian Gold Armenian Jewelry Collection

Check out the Farhadian Gold Armenian Jewelry Collection if you want authentic and high-quality pieces of jewelry. Farhadian Gold specializes in conceptual jewelry, Armenian, Assyrian, and Persian gold jewelry.

We offer a wide range of Armenian jewelry, such as:


Armenian jewelry rings feature various symbols and motifs. These rings are perfect for everyone who wants to wear a piece of jewelry that reflects their identity, personality, and beliefs.

One of the iconic rings of this collection is the Hohida ring, which represents the "ՀՅԴ" in Armenian language letters.  


The Armenian necklace showcases the beauty and diversity of the culture and language. You can choose from several types and styles.

Some of our collection's most iconic pieces are the Armenian gold name necklace, the gold Armenian cross, and our various pendants. 

Purchasing Armenian Gold Jewelry from Farhadian Gold

If you want to purchase Armenian jewelry in Los Angeles, USA, visit Farhadian Gold website. You can customize your jewelry by choosing your color, size, and style. 

Order your gold jewelry from Farhadian Gold today and enjoy the quality and beauty of this fantastic collection.

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