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Farhadian Gold presents the Eternal cross pendant. It is a masterpiece that intertwines faith and fashion. The gold Eternal cross is meticulously crafted to improve your style with a touch of celestial grace.

The Eternal Cross is an artistic creation that embodies timeless devotion. Every curve and edge is designed with precision. It showcases a harmonic pattern with dazzling gems.



- Dimension (L-W) : 53 x 28 mm

- Approximate weight : 13.00 grams

- Diamond weight : 0.900 carat white diamonds

- Made of 18k gold

*chain is not included*




- Dimension ( L-W ) : 41 x 21 mm

- Approximate weight : 8.500 grams

- Diamond weight : 0.700 carat white diamonds

- Made of 18k gold

*chain is not included*


Style and Outfit

The Eternal Cross is available in yellow, white, and rose gold in two sizes. Therefore, you can have a stylish and timeless piece that can be customized to your taste.

Wear it alone for a subtle touch of grace, or pair it with the Flag ring to create a statement look.


Purchasing Eternal Cross

When you buy a gold Eternal cross, you invest in timeless style and spiritual elegance. Each piece of our cross collection at Farhadian Gold is crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Purchase Eternal Cross if you want a bold statement in your style.


Eternal Cross

Gold Color