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Classic Flag Bracelet:

Assyrian flag design in a rectangular frame tied on a high-quality handcrafted genuine leather wristband.

This unique bracelet is available in 18k gold in two colors white gold and yellow gold.

The classic flag bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry that embodies elegance and patriotism. It features a meticulously crafted design showcasing the Assyrian flag, making it a bracelet and a symbol of cultural pride.


  • Made of 18k Gold
  • Approximate weight: 3.5 gr
  • Dimension( L-W ): 39 * 15 mm
  • Genuine handcrafted leather wristband


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The Concept of Classic Flag Bracelet

Inspired by Assyria's rich history and vibrant culture, this bracelet is a statement! Every detail of this Assyrian flag gold bracelet offers a unique way to showcase your heritage.


Style and Outfit

Pairing recommendations are abundant with this versatile piece. The Assyrian flag bracelet complements the Star Soul bracelet, creating a diverse yet harmonious look.

To complete your ensemble, consider adding the Assyrian flag pendant, which enhances your outfit's radiant charm.


Buy Classic Flag Bracelet

By buying a classic flag bracelet from Farhadian Gold, you're buying jewelry and embracing your Assyrian culture.

Each piece is crafted to perfection, ensuring you wear something as enduring as your pride in your heritage.

Purchase an Assyrian flag bracelet and enjoy wearing a conceptual piece of jewelry.



Classic Flag bracelet

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