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Infinity Cross


-Made of 18k Gold

-Dimension( L-W ): 46 x 25 mm

  (Cross 36mm + bail 10mm)

-Approximate weight:  12 grams

-0.800 carat white diamonds


*chain is not included*


Characteristics of Infinity Cross


The Infinity Cross necklace shines like a star on your chest. Its dimensions present a luxury statement alongside elegant sophistication that captivates the eyes.

The necklace is adorned with 0.800-carat white diamonds, adding a celestial sparkle that complements the glow of the 18k Gold.

Each diamond is carefully selected to enhance the allure of the pendant and embodies luxury in its purest form.


The Concept of Infinity Cross

The infinity cross necklace gold, a masterful union of the cross and infinity symbol, resembles your devotion to excel the limitations of time.

Our Infinity Cross is not merely an accessory; it is an invitation to explore the depths of your spirit.


Style and Outfit

The Infinity Cross rises above the limitations of occasion and aesthetics. You can effortlessly adapt it to your style.

For a touch of powerful professionalism, you have many options, such as layering this cross necklace over a crisp white shirt and trousers.

Also, you can casually pair this cross with an infinity symbol with a simple t-shirt and jeans. The Infinity cross adds a touch of personal luxury, whispering stories of eternity against the backdrop of everyday life like a name necklace.


Purchasing Infinity Cross

Having this cross necklace on your neck is not only a symbol of luxury but also shows your elegance and sense of style. Its timeless design and perfect craftsmanship ensure it will grace your neck.

Purchase this legacy of faith, love, and boundless possibilities and improve your style.


Infinity Cross