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One of the most popular Assyrian flag bracelets with a modern flag design on a high quality harndcrafted genuine leather wristband. This unique bracelet is available in 18k and 21k gold in two colors of white gold and yellow gold.

approximate weight is about 4.6 grams.


  • Made of 18k gold
  • Approximate weight: 2.5 gr
  • Genuine handcrafted leather wristband


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Characteristics of Lamassu Bracelet

The Lamassu bracelet from Farhadian Gold is a masterpiece that blends ancient Assyrian symbolism with modern elegance.

This exquisite piece, crafted from the finest 18k and 21k gold, is available in two types of white and yellow gold.


The Concept of Lamassu Bracelet

Lamassu is a symbol of power and authority. The Lamassu, also known as Shedu, were protective deities in ancient Mesopotamia. A winged human-headed lion often represents it.

These majestic creatures were believed to guard against evil spirits and bring blessings to their inhabitants.

By wearing only this bracelet or paring it with Lamassu pendant, you can carry the power of these protective deities with you wherever you go.


Style and Outfit

The Lamassu bracelet perfectly complements a variety of styles, from formal evening attire to casual everyday wear. Its elegant design elevates any clothing set by adding a touch of sophistication.

Pair the Lamassu bracelet with a Lamassu ring and tailored suit for a refined touch of elegance. Also, you can dress it down with a simple T-shirt and jeans for a more casual yet stylish look.


Purchasing Lamassu Bracelet

The Lamassu bracelet is a symbol of ancient wisdom, enduring protection, and the power of tradition.

Experience the outstanding elegance of the Lamassu symbols by purchasing the Lamassu bracelet from Farhadian Gold.

Lamassu Bracelet

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