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Different Types of Franco Chains

When you want to select stylish and durable jewelry, different types of Franco chains are a prime choice. 

Franco chain’s versatility, durability, and timeless elegance have cemented their status as a favorite choice worldwide.

Purchase Franco Chain from Farhadian Gold

Its enduring popularity ensures that it remains a treasured element in the chains collection of jewelry enthusiasts everywhere.

For those looking to purchase a high-quality 18K gold Franco chain, Farhadian Gold offers a selection of various types of Franco chains in various thicknesses and lengths. 

What Is a Franco Chain?

Franco Chain is a timeless piece of jewelry characterized by its interwoven V-shaped links to form a smooth, continuous chain. This intricate design provides a sleek appearance and ensures durability and resistance to tangling.

This chain is a versatile accessory worn alone or adorned with a pendant.

Origin and History of Franco Chains

Types of Franco chains are testaments to the rich Italian tradition of jewelry making. Named after an Italian designer, it proudly reflects Italy’s long, innovative, and intricate jewelry-making history.

The chain style has historical roots traced back centuries. It originally gained prominence in France during the late 18th century. It was further popularized by Carlo Franco, an Italian jewelry designer whose name the chain now bears. 

Types of Franco Chains

Different Types of Franco Chains

Franco chains are a staple in the world of men's jewelry. Let's check out the different types of Franco chains aspects that can personalize your chain and help you find the perfect one to suit your taste.          


These chains are traditionally made from precious metals like gold and silver, but you can also find them in platinum or even stainless steel.

The type of metal will affect the price and weight of the chain.


Different types of gold Franco chains come in various colors, including yellowwhite, and rose gold. Your choice of color is a matter of personal preference.


Franco chains can have a plain or diamond-cut finish

Diamond-cut chains have a more sparkly appearance but are more likely to snag on clothing.


At Farhadian Gold, we offer several types of Franco chains of various thicknesses. Thicker Franco chains are more substantial and will make more of a statement, while thinner chains are more delicate and versatile.


Our collection of this chain comes in various lengths, typically ranging from 18 to 26 inches. The chain length will depend on your preference and how you want to wear it. 


Different Ways to Wear Franco Chains

The various types of Franco Chains can be styled in numerous ways. They can be worn solo for a minimalist look or with bold pendants for a statement piece.

Layering Franco Chains with other chains, such as the Square Wheat chain, is also a fashionable approach to creating a personalized look.

Our chain collection perfectly blends elegance and sophistication, suitable for gifting or personal indulgence. Whether you’re comparing a Franco chain vs Cuban chain or considering a Cuban chain for a different look, we have something for you!

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