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Gold Name Necklace in the USA

Updated: Mar 28

Are you seeking a unique and meaningful gift for yourself or someone you care about? Do you want to express your individuality and style with custom jewelry that reflects your name and personality? If so, consider a gold name necklace.

You can order Your custom name necklace in the USA. At Farhadian Gold, we provide customized name necklaces and pendants such as Iranian, Armenian, and Assyrian name necklaces. 

Also, you can see our name pendants and necklaces collection and prices below.

What Is a Name Necklace?

name necklace is a type of necklace that features a name or a word of your choice. It is usually in a script or cursive font.

It can be made of various materials, such as gold, silver, stainless steel, or acrylic. Yet, the most iconic type of name pendants are gold name necklaces with a shiny look! 

Why Should You Have a Name Necklace?

A name pendant is more than just a fashion accessory. It is also a way of showing your identity, affection, and creativity. 

By wearing a name jewelry, you can:

  • Display your name or the name of someone you love, such as your partner, child, or parent.

  • Celebrate your heritage or culture, such as your ethnicity, religion, or your nationality. Some of the most beautiful types of these custom name necklaces are Assyrian name necklaces.

  • Express your mood or attitude.

  • Enhance your look and complement your outfit.

Name Necklace Is a Perfect Gift for You and Your Loved Ones!

Name Necklace Is a Perfect Gift for You and Your Loved Ones! A customized name necklace makes a perfect gift for any occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or holiday.

By giving a gold personalized name necklace to your lover or friend, you show how much you love and care about them. Gifting an 18k gold name necklace is also a great way to treat yourself and add sparkle to your everyday life while investing!

If you want to make yourself or your lover happy, purchase a custom name necklace from the Farhadian Gold collection.

gold name necklace
Gold Name Necklace

How to Choose the Best Gold Name Necklace for Yourself or Someone Else?

If you want to buy a gold name necklace, you might wonder how to choose the best one for yourself or someone else. You can consult our designers to find out which men's or women's gold name necklaces suit you perfectly.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a gold name necklace, such as the material, the design, the length, and the font.

Some questions to ask yourself or the person you are buying for:

  • What is the name or the word that you want to have on the necklace? Is it a single name, a double name, a nickname, or a phrase?

  • What is the design that you like for the necklace? 

  • What is the length that you want for the necklace?  

  • What font do you want for the name or the word on the necklace? 

Different Designs of Name Necklace

custom name necklace is a great way to express your identity and style. You can choose from many different name necklace designs, depending on your preference and taste. 

Some of the most popular name necklace designs in Farhadian Gold Collections:

Simple chain

This is the most basic and classic name necklace design. It consists of a chain with your name or word, usually in a script or cursive font of your desired language such as an Iranian name necklace.

It is simple, elegant, and versatile. You can also layer it with other necklaces for a more fashionable look.


This is a name necklace design that features a pendant hanging from a chain. The pendant can have your name or word on it or a symbol, shape, or accent representing your name or word.

For example, you can have a heart, a star, or a flower pendant with your name on it.

You can also choose the pendant's size, shape, and orientation at Farhadian Gold.

Check out our Assyrian, Iranian, and Armenian name necklace collection.


This is a design of a name necklace that features a charm that attaches to a chain. The charm can have a name, symbol, or shape.  


This is a name necklace design that features a bar that connects to a chain, A bar custom name necklace is modern, sleek, and edgy.

Custom Name Necklace
Custom Name Necklace

How to Care for Your Name Necklace and Make It Last Longer?

Your gold name necklace is a precious and meaningful piece of jewelry that deserves your care and attention.

To keep your 18k gold name necklace in good condition and make it last longer, you should:

  • Avoid contact with chemicals, water, and heat. 

  • Store your name necklace properly.

  • Clean your name necklace regularly. 

  • Repair or restore your name necklace if it gets damaged.


How to Match a Name Necklace with Your Outfit?

Once you have chosen the type of name necklace, can also consider how to match it with your outfit, occasion, and personality. Here are some tips:

  • Casual look: Wear a customized name necklace with a simple t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. You can also pair it with other accessories such as a name ring for a more playful and fun vibe.

  • Formal look: Match a name pendant with a dress, a suit, or a blouse. You can also choose a necklace that has some sparkle or shine, such as a gold name pendant or a name necklace with diamonds.

We design various categories of name necklaces in the USA at Farhadian Gold. You can customize your name necklace with different materials, colors, and options.

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