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  • Made of 18k Gold
  • Approximate starting weight: 18 grams 

The Meso ring is a testament to the magnificence of ancient Assyrian culture. It is meticulously crafted from the finest 18k gold and represents the convergence of divine power and royal authority.

Each ring is a creation that ensures you possess a luxurious accessory and a fragment of the rich Assyrian narrative. This exquisite piece is a piece of history on your hands and embodies the spirit of a civilization that values strength and divinity.

The Meso gold ring is a versatile accessory that complements modern and traditional attire. It features intricate engravings that pay homage to Ashur, the revered warrior god and symbol of Assyrian sovereignty.

It pairs splendidly with the Infinity Cross for a touch of regal elegance or the Miami Cuban Chain for a statement of boldness.


Purchasing Meso Ring

To own a piece of Assyrian legacy, the Meso ring from Farhadian Gold’s rings collection is your ideal choice.

With the Meso ring, you can wear a piece that represents the power and glory of Ashur and the splendor of Assyrian artistry.


Meso Ring

  • In the ancient Near East, Ashur was originally the main god of the city of Ashur, the capital of Assyria. As Assyria emerged as a great empire, Ashur became the national god of all of Assyria. The Assyrians saw him primarily as a warriorgod and believed that he supported them against their enemies.

    By about 1300 B.C., Ashur was identified with the supreme Sumeriangod Enlil, probably in an effort to portray him as king of the gods. UnderAssyria's king Sargon, Ashur became the father of Anu, the Babylonian * god of the sky and the main creative force in the universe.