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Armenian Name necklace

Do you want to express your individuality and style with custom jewelry that reflects your Armenian heritage? If so, consider an Armenian name necklace.

You can order your custom Armenian name necklace at Farhadian Gold. We design customized gold name necklaces and pendants that beautifully honor Armenian culture and tradition.

You can order Farhadian gold's name pendants and necklaces collection below.

What Is an Armenian Name Necklace?

An Armenian name necklace features an Armenian name or phrase of your choice.

It is usually crafted in the Armenian language font to capture elegance.


Why Should I Wear an Armenian Name Necklace?

A men's and women's gold Armenian name necklace is a symbol of your identity and heritage just like any other type of name jewelry.

Your Armenian name necklace can:

  • Display your Armenian name 

  • Celebrating your Armenian heritage and culture

  • Express your pride in being Armenian 

  • Showcase your connection to your roots

  • Enhance your style with a personalized piece of jewelry

Also, a customized name necklace is a perfect gift for any occasion. Giving an 18k gold Armenian name necklace to a friend or family member gives them a piece of their Armenian identity.


Designs of Armenian Name Necklaces

At Farhadian Gold, we offer a variety of Armenian name necklace designs to suit your preferences such as:

Visit our website today and order your Armenian name necklace now!

Armenian name necklace
Armenian name necklace

How Do You Order an Armenian Name Necklace?

Ordering a custom Armenian name necklace could be a little confusing.

We made this process simple for you:

  1. Simply visit our website or contact our team, and we'll walk you through the customization options available.

  2. Choose from various materials, including gold to create a piece that suits your style and preferences.

  3. Select your desired Armenian name or word. Our skilled craftsmen will expertly engrave it onto the necklace in a beautiful script or cursive font. 

  4. With our attention to detail and dedication to quality, you can trust that your necklace will be a cherished keepsake for years.



How to Match a Gold Armenian Name Necklace with Your Outfit?

An Armenian name necklace can complement any outfit, whether for a casual or formal look. Yet, pairing it with other Armenian jewelry, such as a name ring representing Armenian culture like HOHIDA, can enhance your style.


Order a Customized Armenian Name Necklace in the USA at Farhadian Gold

Ordering a custom Armenian name necklace in the USA has never been easier than with Farhadian Gold. We craft personalized jewelry that celebrates Armenian, Iranian, and Assyrian heritage and culture. 

Whether you're looking for a unique gift for yourself or a loved one, our Armenian name necklaces are the perfect choice.

Order your custom Armenian name necklace gold today.

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